Not sure what team or Soccer School you’re eligible for? The table below is valid for the 2023/24 season (i.e. from September 2023).

To Play/Join OurPlayers Must Be Born Between School Year (as of Sep. 2023) Game Format
Mini-Soccer Academy01-Sep-17and31-Aug-181
Wildcats Centre01-Sep-15and31-Aug-181, 2, and 3
U7 Team01-Sep-16and31-Aug-1725v5
U8 Team01-Sep-15and31-Aug-1635v5
U9 Team01-Sep-14and31-Aug-1547v7
U10 Team01-Sep-13and31-Aug-1457v7
U11 Team01-Sep-12and31-Aug-1369v9
U12 Team01-Sep-11and31-Aug-1279v9
U13 Team01-Sep-10and31-Aug-11811v11
U14 Team01-Sep-09and31-Aug-109 11v11
U15 Team01-Sep-08and31-Aug-0910 11v11
U16 Team01-Sep-07and31-Aug-0811 11v11
U17 Team01-Sep-06and31-Aug-0712 11v11
U18 Team01-Sep-05and31-Aug-0613 11v11