Non-Vetted Volunteer Confidentiality and Data Processing Agreement

Motspur Park Youth F.C.

Non-Vetted Volunteer Confidentiality and Data Processing Agreement

Working with data

At Motspur Park Community FC we all have a responsibility to ensure individuals and other organisations can trust us. Through your supporting role as a non-vetted volunteer you may come into contact with information about people and our organisation that we need to keep confidential. Keeping information confidential is not only important for our work in providing footballing opportunities for local people, but also is a legal responsibility in which we all have a part to play.

How organisations collect, manage and work with people’s information is covered by the Data Protection Act, which has been subsequently strengthened by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) effective within the UK from 25 May 2018. The club, staff and volunteers all have a role to play to ensure we maintain the highest standards regarding Data Protection and avoid the consequences of non-compliance.

You have been identified as taking on a role that will have a degree of contact with data and therefore we ask you to complete this form acknowledging you understand your responsibilities towards safe data management and confidentiality. You role does not require mandatory training in this area but should you feel like you need additional support regarding Data Processing you should contact the Company Secretary. In the future it may be necessary for you to undergo training and development to ensure we maintain the highest principles in data management but any changes in policy will be communicated clearly to you.

The types of data you may come into contact with in your role are categorised as follows:

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • School
  • Photographs
  • IP Address
  • Location
  • National Governing Body Identification Number (FAN)
  • Football Related Data (e.g. Playing Position, Footedness, Match Data, ...)
  • Previous Playing Experience (e.g. Current/Former Clubs)

Sensitive Information

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity
  • Health Information
  • Proof of Identity Documentation

It should be noted that the above information may pertain to playing members of Motspur Park Community FC which may be under the age of 18 or their parents, carers or guardians. You may also have access to information related to our volunteers. Additional precautions should be taken when handling and processing data related to individuals under the age of 18 in line with relevant Club Safeguarding Policies.

Information should only be gathered from individuals that is specifically needed for any given purpose, and those who collect the data need to ensure they have robust procedures in place to ensure it is held in a safe and secure format. If you are in any doubt over this please
speak to the Company Secretary.

You may come into contact with data through meetings or in written or digital formats, so it is worth remembering that this agreement to handle data confidentially extends to all of your dealings in your role.

If you ever become aware of a data breach there is a risk of a breach please notify the Data Protection Officer immediately by emailing

Confidentiality expectations

The company owes a duty of confidentiality to the people we hold information about and is an essential principle of the services we provide to ensure that the people and organisations we work with trust us. In addition to our legal obligations regarding Data Protection, this means restricting access to information to those who 'need to know': this may be limited to within the company or in some circumstances to within a specific team.

Confidentiality is important even if a situation might seem informal or isn’t necessarily covered by the scope of Data Protection legislation. Examples of situations or information which should be considered confidential include internal correspondence like emails, committee papers and minutes, or information relating to ongoing commercial projects. If you have more than one volunteer role within Motspur Park Community FC, information in these categories should be kept confidential within an individual role.

Organisation policies on safeguarding, health and safety, and whistleblowing may also determine when confidential information may need to be shared. The Company Secretary can help with anything that you're unsure about around this issue.

As a Motspur Park Community FC Non-Vetted Volunteer I will not discuss, distribute, or download confidential information which I gain access to through delivering my role, send it by any means to any third party unless I am explicitly authorised to do so, or share it in general conversation or use it for my own purposes whilst in my role or once my role has ended.

I have read and I agree to comply with the above agreement:

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