MPFC 2019/20 Virtual Presentation Evening



Date and Time: 17th April 2020 at 1900 (+30 Mins for U11, U12, U13, U13G, U14 and U15)

Location: The comfort of your own home


Remember to add 30 minutes to these times if you are in one of the following age groups: U11, U12, U13, U13G, U14 and U15.

1900 – Introduction Video

We will post a link on all team WhatsApp groups to a video of our Club Secretary, Gary Hammocks, where he will introduce the event and discuss this past season.

1920 (Approximately) – Join Your Teams Video Conference

Once everyone has had the chance to watch the video we will post a link to an online video conference which you can access either on your computer or phone/tablet. We recommend you read the instructions below in advance so that you are all setup and ready to go.

1925 – Video Conference Starts

Once everyone has joined the team manager will take over and run the rest of the presentation session.


What Do I Need?

A device connected to the internet which has a microphone, speaker, and camera. This could be a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Getting the Best Quality

You will get better quality if you use a device connected to the internet via a cable rather than wirelessly. You can also improve your audio quality by using a headset microphone instead of your device’s internal microphone.

Accessing the Video Conference

If you are on a computer, you can visit the link provided directly in your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc). When you first access the link, you will need to allow access to your microphone and web-camera by clicking allow. We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser.

If you wish to join using your phone or tablet you need to download the Jitsi Meet app. You can then type the URL on the app to join.

Joining on your mobile is probably the easiest way if you have difficulties setting up your webcam and or microphone but it may not provide the best quality.

Goodluck and we will see you all virtually soon! The MPFC Committee