Volunteer Vacancies


Volunteers Needed Urgently!

Over the last few seasons, since Motspur Park FC’s inception, the club has grown exponentially. To put this in numerical terms we now have over ten times the number of players we had three years ago, have achieved the highest FA Charter Standard accolade and become Surrey FA’s Development Club of the Year.

Unfortunately, besides coaches we have been unable in successfully recruiting additional volunteers to help with our administrative tasks. Over the past few seasons the workload has become unbearable for some volunteers, due too the lack of additional support from parents, so they have opted to leave the club they helped establish; only further burdening those remaining. In May 2017, Daniel left the club leaving many roles vacant which both myself and Una have attempted to cover to the best of our ability over the pre-season period. However, due to the enormity of the tasks in addition to the responsibilities we already have we had no choice but to outsource our registrations process and increase costs to reduce workload.

Motspur Park FC is desperate for volunteers or we will have no choice but to decrease teams and hinder club development as well as increase costs, which we are hesitant to do, to simplify the current responsibilities of the workforce.

I apologise for the tone of this message but every year we have asked for volunteers with no luck. Something must change this year. I know from all of the surveys we conducted last year that everyone was happy with the club and there were only a few complaints (which I hope have now been rectified) so please can you get behind the club, the committee, the coaches and your children to help provide them with the best atmosphere for learning and development not only as a footballer but as a young person too.

Please see below a PowerPoint show of all of the vacant roles left by our most recent resignation. If you would be interested in helping out please drop me an email at gary@motspurparkfc.com

Gary Hammocks
Motspur Park FC Club Secretary