Volunteers Required – URGENT


Motspur Park FC has had a great first season but as the club expands Gary and myself are looking for volunteers who we can help share the workload with. Please note most roles come with a specialised guide to ensure everyone is 100% sure on what needs to be done.

Listed below are jobs we have done this past season but would gratefully appreciate if anyone could please take a role off of us to ease our workload:

Registrations Secreatry – URGENT

  • I have automated most of the system using our IT System but we still need someone to check the uploaded documentation. For more information please click here: Reg. Sec

Equipment Manager

  • Most of the work for the following season has been done. For more information please click here: Equip. Manager

Fundraising Officer

  • As we expand it is crucial that to continue our success we have sufficient funds to ensure we can meet our motto and “Strive to Develop Potential”. For more information please click here:  Fund. Officer

Fixture Lister

  • We are looking for multiple fixture listers
  • There job is to ensure the tables and results are updated on the website as well as provide information for the upcoming games. This feature has been valued greatly by our current players and it would be a shame to stop it just because we cannot get a volunteer. For more information please click here: Fixt. List

Gallery Administrator

  • Keeping our photos secure is vital and thus as players leave it is imperative their accounts are removed and as players join they’re given access to our collection. For more information please click here: Gall. Admin


Thanks for taking the time to read this! All help is appreciated greatly!

For more information on the vacant roles please visit: https://motspurparkyouthfc.com/about-us/the-committee/