Motspur Park FC are looking for donations and/or a sponsorship to cover the cost of an Automated External Defibrillator. AED’s cost around £1,200 something we simply cannot afford but feel is a necessity to have at all home games. All sponsors/external donors will receive thanks on our sponsors page.

I’m sure everyone can recall Fabrice Muamba’s incident where he entered cardiac arrest; cardaic arrest is when the heart stops working. Should an incident (god forbid) occur to one of our players we feel it is our duty to increase their chances of survival until paramedics arrive.

All of our officials are first aid trained, therefore should an event occur they can perform CPR to help maintain life support until help arrives, the chances of survival are between 2-4% HOWEVER with an AED machine the chances of survival rise to a staggering 76%. We would therefore like anyone who owns a company/business or can spare any amount of money to help us raise the £1,200 we need.

For More information please contact our Club Secretary, Gary Hammocks, on gary@motspurparkfc.com

Further Updates on sponsorship deals and donations will appear here.